musings and reference questions

Spring 2009
June 15, 2009, 8:01 pm
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* Can I check out a telescope or binoculars?

* If I’m a researcher in a lab after I graduate can I still use the library?

* Why can’t I open my file?  Upload my file to Blackboard? Change the background on a picture on powerpoint? (only 1 of them ended successfully….)

* Does environmental noise effect geese habitats?

* I need books on the politics around deforestation in the Amazon.

* I’m from another college and I need the articles from this bibliography.

* Why is my computer typing in cyrllics suddenly?  Can you make it stop?

* I need to find habitat information for the dungeness crab for the Oregon Coast.

* Where are your paper copies of Science and Nature?

* Did you find that journal Marine Biology?  (It had been in B90 c-d and is now in the empty range in the A journals, behind the computers)

* Why is the printer putting toner on the edges of the paper?

* Can I use the component cable for the PS3?